Acrobatic in Family / Circus-Motricity

Destined to deepen the relationship and bonding between parents and children.

The proposal gives the possibility that the parents interact with their children, playing with them through physical acrobatic exercises, firming their trust by means of role changing – passive and active – so that the children will assume similarly the active part in these encounters, and that we be wondered and amazed by them, that we let ourselves be surprised by the emotions conveyed.

Accompanied with tales and music, the workshop includes equilibrium exercises, jumps and spins, utilizing equilibrium and in pairs acrobatic techniques. The activities focuses as much on the development of the children’s motor skills as on their capacity to relate with other people. Using the simple experiment of movement and the perception of body and space, this workshop encourages the building of trust in oneself, in others and in the creative process.

The Circus Motricity workshop has been being developed for the last 20 years in Belgium by Rika Taeymans from the Cirkus In Beweging. Its work is based on the concept of Developmental Movement pioneered by the British scholar and therapist Veronica Sherborne, a psychomotor exploration pedagogy, initially guided for
children with developmental disorders.

Project Document : Acro-Family

The Acro-Family Workshop (Circus Motricity) has been active since 2014, having shared exchanges and collaborated together with the Circus Radieschen through BEGU’s (Lemwerde’s community organization) national program of teacher and pedagogue education and formation and the Zirkus Macht Stark project (Berlin), in Germany; with the CanMasDeu eco-community project and the free education movement parents associations El Roser and Tata Inti (Catalunya), in Spain; has given workshops at the Casa da Cultura in Setúbal, the Escola Primária de Luzianes and in various ecological and traditional dance festivals such as at Festival Andanças, TriboJam, Salva-a-Terra, and specifically for youths with disabilities at the ASCTE (Associação Sócio-Cultural Terapêutica de Évora) and at the INCORP (Instituto do Conhecimento Relacional e da
Psicomotricidade), in Portugal.


Veronica Sherborne :   Developmental Movement for children

Rika Taeymans : Nelsons Acrobatenboek

Van Bouchout Laura e Demeulenaere Leen : Nelsons Yogaboek