A Escola De Circus VagaBunT, projecto Social & Educativo, promove o desenvolvimento físico e emocional através das diferentes disciplinas e técnicas das Artes do Circo. Está sediado em Portugal

The Circus School VagabunT- Social & Educational project,promotes social, physical and individual development through different circus disciplines and circus arts. 

The groups learn different circus disciplines through joy and creativity.


Each group creates their own development dynamics, according to the free learning process of the participants. Each of the proposed disciplines intends to develop different skills…

Circus School  – Daily Class :

Juggling: is the basis for all other circus disciplines and involves individual work. We learn body movement techniques and symmetrical awareness of the body which helps us to overcome frustration and reach self-confidence.

Acrobatics: A tree with strong roots supporting the stable trunk and branches where then the delicate leaves can grow. “ We develop group cooperation and communication as well as muscular strength, where all our differences are essential to make us stronger as a group and help to build higher human pyramids to achieve common balance.

Acrobatic Ladder: We develop and promote principles of acrobatics using an additional challenge, the ladder.

Balance Ball: is a supportive group work that develops body awareness and helps each one individually to stand and walk on the ball.

Trapeze: an individual work that develops mutual confidence between the teacher and a student that brings quick self-confidence results. Then the further work consists on body strength control and precision light movements of a flying bird.

Vertical Tissue: Similar as trapeze discipline however more difficult and also fascinating because we need to maintain our body strong and always in action.

The Circus Shows:

It is a celebration of the developed work where we choose the circus disciplines to create and present a theatrical story. It is also a learning process how to be on stage and perform in public, where we include theatrical expressions like Clown, Magic and Fakir. It is an opportunity to be a part of the colorful Circus Family.